The new catalog of products and equipment 2016

ProEcology presents a new catalog of products and equipment that are included in the following areas:

- The elimination of oil spills;

- Remediation of contaminated lands and water;

- Spills in the workplace;

- Wastewater and recycled water.

Among the products presented in the catalog:

- Sorbents and biological products;

- Oil skimmers, industrial wastewater treatment;

- Biodegradable bags for sewage storm water from oil;

- Universal industrial vacuum cleaners;

- NOVOZYMES biologics for the treatment of industrial waste water (oil refineries, petrochemicals, etc.);

- Booms;

- Oleophilic skimmers and threshold;

- Pumps SELWOOD;

- Vacuum systems and holding tanks;

- OSR facilities, boats and ancillary equipment;

- spill kits for oil, chemical and industrial;

- Biodegradable cleaning products and materials.


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