New! Universal industrial vacuum cleaners to collect liquid, dry, sticky contaminants in any combination

ProEcology offers you a powerful universal industrial vacuum cleaners in Russia. These industrial vacuum cleaners designed to collect liquid, dry, sticky contaminants in any combination.

This equipment is able to remove any debris and dust without any changeovers "problematic" - water, flour, polymer powder coating, washing powders and solutions, plaster, cement, adhesive foam and the graphite dust fraction, etc .;. "Standard" - the metal shavings, sawdust, glass, sand, pea gravel, abrasive dust, etc.

This vacuum cleaner has the following features:

- 3 Cleaning levels (two successive cyclone, and fine filter);

- Universal (collects liquid, dry and sticky dirt);

- High suction power air watt 1050;

- No replacement filter bags;

- A high degree of mechanical purification (to 99.9% of cement, even when cleaning and flour pigments to 5 microns);

- Metal housing with powder coating, which is not afraid to mechanical loads and corrosive liquids;

- The absence of electronics, therefore, is not afraid of problems with power, the power of 220 volts;

- Filter cartridge - domestic automotive filter, available in the acquisition and replacement;

- Simplicity of the device - easy to use, does not require any - or special skills to work with him.


Details on our website or by phone: +7 495 646-46-86

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