BioRemove 2300

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Improving wastewater quality and activated sludge stability by enhancing the degradation of hydrocarbons. Removal of petroleum products from water and soil.

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Hydrocarbons often decompose slowly during wastewater treatment. In high concentrations, hydrocarbons can lead to an increase in oil and lubricants in the discharged waters and lead to the formation of filamentary breakthroughs. Hydrocarbons may also settle in flocculation products. This can lead to problems and toxicity of biomass, as well as may lead to complications with toxicity of discharges.

Whether hydrocarbons decompose completely, partially, or not at all decompose depends on the type and functionality of microorganisms in the microbial community.

BioRemove 2300 is the most effective biological solution for the decomposition of petroleum hydrocarbons.

BioRemove 2300 contains many microorganisms that quickly decompose hydrocarbons, such as alkanes and aromatics. It is the most effective biological product for improving the degradability of hydrocarbons in a wastewater treatment process.



- Reduces abnormalities associated with oils and lubricants

- Less additional fees

- Improves system stability in case of hydrocarbon problems.

- Improves the reduction of hydrocarbons

- Reduces hydrocarbon-related thread flares and problem solving


Type: Ready-to-use mix of microorganisms

Components: microorganisms, grain waste, sand

Physical form: dry powder

Color: yellowish brown

Smell: no smell

pH: n / d

Properties: loose

Solubility: insoluble



Plastic bucket 11.35 kg (25 soluble bags of 0.454 kg).


Keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area at 10-35 ° C (50-95 ° F). Avoid freezing. When not in use, keep containers tightly closed.

Avoid breathing dust. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the product. Avoid eye contact.


The strains of microorganisms are produced under a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO standards. Strict controls and rigorous testing are included in the manufacturing process to ensure that all products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Strains are cultures of natural organisms, and are not genetically engineered or modified.


BioRemove 2300 contains a mixture of safe Bacillus microorganisms. All strains were identified to a species level by the 16s rDNA sequence and confirmed to belong to Biosafety Level 1, as determined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Biological product BioRemove 2300 has a Certificate of Conformity (Letter of the absence of mandatory certification), a letter of no requirement for obtaining a state registration certificate (CGR), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


If you want to buy our biological product  of NOVOZYMES series for  wastewater treatment you can specify the price from the specialists of our company.

For more detailed information on price, characteristics, delivery terms, please contact Pro-Ecology in Moscow by phone +7 (495) 646-16-86 or email us at

For more information, please contact Pro-Ecology by phone +7 (495) 646-1686 or email

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