For Hazardous Chemicals


Pro-Ecology company offers absorbent products - booms, mats, pillows, rolls, pads, filtering loads and special kits for eliminating and localizing spills of chemically dangerous and aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, etc.). The products are made of nonwoven heat-bonded multilayer polypropylene fabric using the meltblown technology.


Absorbent products of the PRO-HAZ series are intended for cleaning small spills and leaks in production areas and in workshops, liquidation and localization of aggressive chemicals.

This product can successfully in chemical plants, food production, warehouses, laboratories, during transportation of chemical liquids and other industrial enterprises associated with the circulation of chemicals.


- high rate of sorption;
- large sorption capacity (up to 15 times its weight);
- high chemical resistance;
- the possibility of material regeneration (squeeze and reuse);
- wear resistance (covered with a spunbond layer and point-welded);
- universality (absorbs various chemical liquids).