Absorbent booms PRO-OIL 12,7cm x 3m with metal hooks and a cable

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Hydrophobic absorbent booms are used to collect and localize oil / petroleum product spills on land and in water surface, in sewage treatment plants, drains, storm drains, wells and sewers.

Hydrophobic absorbent booms are used :

- to localize the spill and collect oil and oil products from land and water;

- as a filter of oil product barriers at wastewater treatment plants.


- has a high degree of hydrophobicity and wear resistance;

- possibility of re usage (up to 10 times);

- high sorption capacity (up to 32,5 liters of petroleum product per 1 bon barrier without spin and reuse);

- diameter 12,7 cm, length 3 m;

-  package quantity is 4 pieces;

- sorption capacity of one package is  130 liters of petroleum products.

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These booms reinforced with a nylon cable for collecting in reservoirs with standing or running water of medium intensity of flow velocity, for example, in reservoirs and wells, reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

They can also be used as a water filter, and can be used in septic tanks or filtration systems. Sorbing booms are designed for one-time collection for large spills and for permanent and long-term collection. After full or partial filling, the boom is changed to a new one, ensuring constant collection and additional treatment at the spill site, keeping the place in constant cleanliness.

The boom can be 3, 6 meters or more in length.


These products can be successfully used by industrial enterprises, oil producing organizations and oil refineries, warehouses, car services, gas stations, tank farms, air and sea ports, sea and river vessels, at bulk stations of oil and petroleum products and other enterprises related to the turnover of oil and petroleum products.

Can be used in wastewater treatment plants for wastewater treatment and in water treatment from oil and petroleum products.


- high rate of sorption;

- high sorption capacity (up to 18 times its weight);

- the ability to work on the water (does not sink);

- ability to work on the principle of the filter;

- the possibility of material regeneration (squeeze and reuse);

- wear resistance (covered with a spunbond layer);

- versatility (absorbs various petroleum products).






Package quantity

Sorption capacity (in one package)*

Absorbent booms  PRO-OIL with metal hooks and a cable

Ø12,7cm х 3m

1,75 kg

4 pcs

130 l

*oil/petroleum products



Delivery is carried out anywhere in Russia and the CIS countries by car, train and air transport.


Storage temperature is from - 45 ° С to + 40 ° С. Store in covered areas away from moisture, direct sunlight, heaters and corrosive environments.

The shelf life is unlimited, subject to the conditions of transportation and storage.


The product’s material is made of non-woven cloth and can be regenerated by pressing / centrifuging and re-using up to 10 times. Also collected by sorbent products, the liquid can be re-used or disposed.

Disposal of waste sorbent materials is determined in accordance with local and federal regulations and regulations. For recommendations, please contact the recycling organization. Disposal options may include incineration, disposal in accordance with the rules and regulations, or delivery to specialized organizations as substances with an appropriate hazard class.


Hydrophobic absorbent booms based on polypropylene material are produced according to TU 8397-006-42754173-2015, have a Certificate of Conformity (Letter of the absence of mandatory certification), letter of no requirement for obtaining a certificate of state registration (CGR), Safety Data Sheet and Instructions for Use.


If you want to buy our  hydrophobic absorbent booms for collecting oil and petroleum products and you can specify the price from the specialists of our company.

For more detailed information on price, characteristics, delivery terms, please contact Pro-Ecology in Moscow by phone +7 (495) 646-16-86 or email us at info@pro-ecology.ru






For more information, please contact Pro-Ecology by phone +7 (495) 646-1686 or email usinfo@pro-ecology.ru

1. Delivery by courier in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Shipping cost:

· Delivery within the Moscow Ring Road - 299 rubles. 
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· Delivery within 50 km from MKAD - 750 rubles. 
· Delivery within 75 km from MKAD - 1250 rubles.
· Delivery within 100 km from MKAD - 1500 rubles.

The cost of delivery of bulky cargo*:

. Delivery within the Moscow Ring Road - 500 rubles. 
· Delivery within 25 km from MKAD - 750 rubles. 
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· Delivery within 75 km from MKAD - 1450 rubles.
· Delivery within 100 km from MKAD - 1700 rubles.

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When picking up bulky cargo, you will receivea 10% discount.

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4. Delivery to any regions of Russia and the CIS by transport companies (TC)

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