Bio pesticide DOP-UNI is used for the remediation of drill cuttings, oil sludge, oil-contaminated soils and water bodies. DOP-UNI is a universal biological product, with the highest hydrocarbon-oxidizing activity, which has the highest concentration of microorganisms and, as a result, has the highest rate of destruction.

DOP-RHODOCAN is intended for the biodegradation of petroleum and petroleum products when contaminated by soils, solid surfaces with residues of petroleum products (pipes, tanks).

The product is intended for the earliest possible start of operation of a membrane reactor and the creation of healthy, active biomass.

The product is designed to restore biomass active sludge in biological reactors, if the reactor has suffered from toxic "shock" or organic overloads.

Increases station efficiency by optimizing balance nutrients.

Works in conjunction with OdorCap 5700 to control odors in anaerobic systems.

Improves the quality of wastewater, helps the formation of silt.

DOP-PSEUDOCAN  is a hydrophobic biological product specially made for biodegradation of oil and petroleum products on water surfaces.

Substances that are part of the drug, do not sink in water, allowing bacteria to work in the thickness of the film of petroleum products.

Improving wastewater quality and activated sludge stability by enhancing the degradation of hydrocarbons. Removal of petroleum products from water and soil.

Improving wastewater quality and activated sludge stability by increasing  the degradation of phenols.

For the treatment of complex wastewater with a wide range of pollution.

Improving the quality of wastewater. Reduces nitrification.

Ensuring sustainable nitrification.

Control odors from sewage and sediment.

Elimination of the odor of H2S hydrogen sulfide under anaerobic conditions.

Wastewater treatment at low temperature.

Biological product ABR HC Plus is used for the remediation of oil-contaminated soils and water bodies. ABR HC Plus is a proprietary blend of bacterial cultures specifically designed for the decomposition of light fractions of crude oil, as well as heavier hydrocarbon fractions, crude oil, and coal tar.