About company

PROECOLOGY is our profession

Have you ever received offer of products for Industrial Ecology on such conditions?

WE are Russian manufacturer in and the official distributor

We OFFER more than 100 storage positions in the assortment

Preaching COMPLETE problem solving

Our SOLUTIONS are modern and efficient

What do you think about this one:

1. We are not suppliers of goods and services, we offer a modern and effective solutions for Industrial Ecology > minimization of costs with the best quality/price ratio

2. We are Russian producer or exclusive supplier > no intermediaries and reasonable price

3. We offer a huge range of products and integrated solutions > minimization of the transport and administrative cost

4. We send test samples, we can make a presentation of our products and PGI, calculate and offer "turnkey" solution > minimization of losses/risks when choosing the right solution and/or the correct application

You are buying products in the Pro-Ecology, Ltd just on these conditions. Wherein:

- Buying products from trusted manufacturers;

- We give warranty on our products;

- Special conditions for Dealers;

- We are always in touch and ready to reply to any questions.